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Amber Scott

I Radiate Art Beauty Harmony and Guidance. Identifying what one needs to be empowered.

My Journey

Amber Scott is a Native American Multifaceted Artist creating Paintings, Mosaics, Sculpture, Native American Jewelry, Bead work, Cultural Regalia and Mixed Media. Her artwork can be found around the World. Amber was born with an Arnold Chiari Malformation a rare type of neurological disease from her fathers exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Which has helped Amber tune into the universe in a very unique way, helping people to see other worldly perspectives and possibilities. Amber uses her passion for God, Math, Science, Art, Love, Truth and creativity to help be of service to others and heal herself. 321`
Registered tribal member of Cherokee Nation  
Featured Artist with Cannabis Art Guild.
I paint on Hemp canvas using hemp oil with color pigment and terpenes from d2 Custom Terpenes.